domingo, 18 de febrero de 2018

Barbie Play Pack COLORING BOOK

Meet Barbie , Blissa and Lacey !

Little Lacey is playful!

Slipper is Chelsea's cuddly bunny.

Best Friends

Puppies go with  everything !

What a posh pet !

Tawny has a new foal !

Cuddly kittens

Barbie and Blissa are ready to party !

Puppy Love

Barbie and Tawny are the perfect team !

Playtime is Lacey's fave !

Sequin is Barbie's fancy poodle !

Ryan's tough-looking pup Ruff is a sweetie !

Puppy kisses are the sweetest !

Somany shoes 
So little time.

Tika is the perfect pet for a princess.

So Fabulous

Blissa is so soft and snuggly.

Stepping out in style !

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